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5 Energetic Practices to Uplevel your Lymphatic Wellness

Updated: Feb 7

It’s essential to work with the Lymphatic system for overall health and wellness as it plays a crucial role in immune support and the filtering out of toxins in the body.

It's important to remember that not all toxins are physical- therefore we need to also learn how to cleanse this system energetically. 

When it comes to the lymphatic system we often focus on the physical side;  exercise and nutrition. However, there's another crucial component that deserves attention: the energetics of this system. Therefore, integrating energetic practices can offer additional benefits. Below we'll explore how to work with the lymphatic system energetically to promote balance and vitality.

These practices provide support for both the lymphatic and nervous system to optimize your overall wellness:

  1. Gentle Movement- The lymphatic system is located just under the skin and benefits greatly from gentle practices.  These practices can range from Qigong, Yin yoga to even doing a restorative pose for a few minutes. Walking can alos help to clear the lymphatics both physically and energetically. Don’t you always feel better after a little movement on all levels?

  1. Dry Brushing/ Abhyanga-  These practices are very relaxing as well as detoxifying. The simple act of taking time to brush or massage your body helps the lymphatics to filter and support your immune system as well as pacify the nervous system. This leads to less stress and more flow, which is essential when it comes to detoxifying your body on an energetic level.   I have a free dry brushing and abhyanga guide if you would like to learn more about how to incorporate these techniques into your daily routine.

  1. Breath - The diaphragm is a major mover of lymph in the body! This means that even taking deep breaths will help your body to cleanse and filter. You can even pair the breath with gentle movement such as Qigong or Tai-Chi to double the benefits.

  1. Harnassing the Water Element & Kidney Meridian - This energy meridian (channel) is associated with the winter season and the governing element is water. Water as well as hydration are very important aspects of your lymphatic health. You want to focus on practices that create more flow on all levels.  We can also use gentle movement in the form of common yoga poses to stimulate this meridian which is located primarily on the inside of the legs: 

Butterfly Pose 


Figure 4

Happy Baby 

The water meridian also has an emotional component as well. Therefore,  journaling or visualization practices can be an asset to allowing more flow and detoxification in the energetic realm.

  1. Energy Clearing -  There are many ways to clear our energy. When it comes to the lymphatic system it is nice to bring in a technique that can also harnesses the physical side such as brushing off your body or even using selenite to cleanse your energy field.  One of my favorite techniques is a short, but effective energy massage that I learned in Ayurveda School.

By incorporating energetic practices into your wellness routine, you can enhance the health and function of your lymphatic system on a subtle, yet profound level. Whether through breathwork, gentle movement, energy clearing or visualization, these techniques offer holistic support for lymphatic balance and vitality.

Experiment with different approaches to discover what resonates best with you, and remember to listen to your body's wisdom as you embark on this journey of energetic healing and self-discovery.

Are you ready to connect energetically to feel less stress, overwhelm and more relaxation, clarity and balance?

Make sure to check out my February Shift Your Vibration Classes designed to help you attune to your energy body to improve your overall well-being.,

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