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Corporate Wellness

In a world where our health and wellness tend to take a backseat to the chaos around us, it is incredibly important to take time to fill our cup. Learning new techniques that help to manage our symptoms of stress and anxiety are a must in both our professional and personal lives. Stress is experienced in a variety of different ways, as such, it is essential to have a varied, integrated approach to help alleviate our symptoms. Don’t we all just want to feel our best? 


All programs are available in person & virtually 

Please reach out for more information & pricing:



Call: 401-301-2218

Self Reflexology for Stress Relief

Self Reflexology is one of the ways we can help to alleviate the varied symptoms of stress. Reflexology doesn’t just have to be performed on feet; the hands, ears and face have reflex points that are easily accessible and have a profound impact our overall wellbeing. This program can be delivered both in person and virtually. 

self reflexology & acupressure for stress & uncertainty jpeg.jpg

Ayurvedic Wellness

Ayurveda is a holistic wellness form that entails making small, impactful lifestyle changes. These small changes have a profound effect on our overall health. Ayurvedic wellness involves understanding your body constitution to make the most intelligent lifestyle choices. Stress reduction techniques are also implemented through mindful exercise, diet and routines.
           The simple Ayurvedic lifestyle tweaks are tailored to meet everyone’s individual needs. These programs can be customized to you or your company’s needs and may be offered as a single program or several consecutive presentations covering a broader scope of Ayurvedic knowledge. Here are examples of some of the programs I've done in the past: 

- Ayurvedic Tips & Tricks  for Better Sleep 
- Ayurveda for Stress Relief & Overwhelm
-Seasonal Ayurvedic Tips 



Restorative & Yin Yoga

Restorative yoga is a slow, grounding form of yoga that allows us to let go of tension and stress in the body. Oftentimes, we ignore our bodies calling for stillness; we grab an extra cup of coffee or we push through the need to unplug for a bit. Restorative yoga is a wonderful way to give our bodies that release and grounding they are asking for. Restorative yoga is a highly adaptable practice that everyone can benefit from. 

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"Elizabeth was incredibly knowledgeable and professional in providing her virtual Reflexology class to our employees. Elizabeth’s soothing manner and delivery made for a very informative and relaxing session to all of our attendees."

-CIS Events


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