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Class & Training Schedule

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Are you looking to shift your vibration and learn new tools and techniques to become more attuned to your body, mind & soul?

If so, join our semi- private, accessible classes designed for all levels of practice and experience the transformative benefits of:

🧘 Yin Yoga: Sink into deep, meditative stretches that nourish body and soul. Find balance, flexibility, and mindfulness in these practices.

🌿 Restorative Yoga: Release tension and embrace stillness in our Restorative Yoga classes. These sessions are crafted to help you prioritize self-care and inner reconnection.

🌟 MELT & MELT Yoga Experience the magic of the MELT Method. Ease pain, improve posture, and enhance your overall sense of balance through self- fascial reconnect, rebalance, rehydrate and release techniques.

🌙 Intuition Development: Journey within to discover your inner guidance. Intuition Development classes will help you tap into your innate wisdom and trust your inner compass.

🔮 Sound & Reiki Healing Experience: Join us for this unique experience, combining Sound & Reiki. This experience includes gentle movement, meditation, energy healing and sound. You don't want to miss this one of a kind experience at the Renaissance Barn. 

💆‍♀️ All Are Welcome:  Due to their semi-private nature (6 students or less), classes are designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of experience or fitness level.

 April  2024 Class & Training Schedule

All Classes (except Sound & Reiki Healing Journeys) are accessible via livestream for virtual practice 

3 & 5 Class packages available ($18 savings)

🌿Classes at Soleful Beginnings


Tuesday, April 2nd 6:00pm- MELT

Tuesday,  April 9th 6:00pm - MELT Yoga

Format: Hybrid (In person & virtual) 

Investment: $25 

MELT is a neurofascial method that helps the connective tissue to reconnect, rebalance, rehydrate & release. This allows the body to move towards a more balanced state and free stuck stress from it's tissues. This method helps with chronic pain relief from an accident or repetitive movements as well as stopping pre-pain signals in their tracks. For more information click here: MELT Method

Holy Fire Healing Experience


Format: In person 

Investment: $25

These experiences use guided meditation and Reiki energy to bring about a sense of healing and relaxation. It can be geared towards specific healing outcomes or can be used in general sense to help ease stress and tension in the body. Anyone can participate; You do not need prior knowledge of Reiki to experience benefits from this practice of stillness and self-healing. 

Chakras & Yin Yoga .png
Sound & Reiki Healing Journey  (3).png

Sound & Reiki Healing Journey 

Thursday,  April 11th  6:00pm -7:30pm

Format: In person only  

Investment: $50

Join Lynda & me for a unique combination of sound & Reiki at the Renaissance Barn in Little Compton. This experience includes gentle movement, meditation, sound & energy healing.

 Spring Lymphatic Focus Restorative Yoga & Reiki

Sunday, April 14th 4:00pm-5:15pm

Format: Hybrid (In person & virtual) 

Investment: $25 

Relaxing practice designed to help release pent up stress and tension. Class will include opportunities to practice breathwork, intuition and release. 

Positional Therapy Yoga


Format: Hybrid (in person & virtual)

Investment: $25

 We will focus on facilitating opening on all levels. This practice will help balance and release tightness in the body, while strengthening weak muscles that lead to pain and imbalance in the boyd.


Upcoming Workshops, Trainings & Collaborations

Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Training

  • Reiki I Training -Sunday, Februrary 25th (9:00am-3:00pm) 

  • Reiki II Training - Sunday, March 24th (9:00am-3:00pm) 

  • Hybrid Reiki I & II Trainings - Open for Enrollment 

Soul & Skin Session

  • 1 hour Facial (w/ Jazmin @ Immortal Beauty Co.) + Reflexology & Reiki - request a session here

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