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Moving Meditation Experience For All Levels of Practice 

What is Qigong? 

Qigong is an ancient Chinese discipline that has been practiced for thousands of years and is
one of the 5 pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


The practice of Qigong  involves gentle movement, meditation,
and breathing.


Qi (pronounced Chee) is the Chinese word for energy, specifically internal
energy and Gong (pronounced Kung) is the Chinese word for work or practice. So Qigong
literally means Energy Work or Energy Practice. When practiced on a daily basis, Qigong has
measurable benefits to both physical and mental health, healing, and longevity.

Qigong exercises are usually performed with 3 principles in mind:

1. Purgation – to rid the body of negative Qi. This includes physical and emotional barriers
to your health and happiness.

2. Tonification – To bring good, clean Qi into the body. Good, positive energy helps
healing and builds a calm mental state.

3. Regulation – Balancing the good Qi in the body to promote and maintain good physical
and mental health

Qigong is a kind of moving meditation. It is similar and related to the practice of Taijiquan (Tai
Chi). The exercises are simple and can be performed by people of almost any level of physical

Check out the video below for some immune support Qigong moves & I hope you will join us at Soleful Beginnings for our monthly Qigong class!

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