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We are now offering classes with MELT balls & Soft Rollers!

A  powerful technique born from fascia research & manual bodywork to help you care for your own body

MELT Method Classes

MELT is a neurofascial method, developed by Sue Hitzmann, that helps the connective tissue to reconnect, rebalance, rehydrate & release. This allows the body to move towards a more balanced state and free stuck stress from it's tissues. This method helps with chronic pain relief from an accident or repetitive movements as well as stopping pre-pain signals in their tracks.

Why MELT your Hands & Feet?

As a Reflexologist, I have seen the great impact of treating the hands and feet. This method can help with pain in these areas, but there is also an undeniable full body effect. MELT works to free struck stress and dehydration in the joints, muscles, and organs to create more harmony & balance in the body.

MELT  Classes allow participants to learn the different techniques, so that they can use them as self care practices at home.  The introduction series  includes instruction on how to MELT using the Hand & Foot balls, MELT Foam Roller as well as the bunion band. Classes are offered in person & virtually. 


Some of the many benefits:

  • ease chronic pain

  • reduce stress and tension

  • improve sleep

  • improve posture and alignment

  • increase energy 

  • help the system's of the body come back into balance

MELT  Classes & Private Sessions

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