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Are you ready to feel more relaxed, focused, and productive? 

Yoga at Home

Shift Your Vibration, Shift Your Life 

 Tuesday Night Class Series 

Transformative Experience Focused on: 

  • Attuning to the Energy body to achieve balance on all levels

  • Relieving stress and overwhelm

  • Gaining more balance & clarity 

  • Bringing more lightness to a typically energetic "heavy" time of year through lymphatic drainage

  • Learning techniques to improve chronic pain, improve sleep & more


Yoga isn't just about flexibility

MELT doesn't only benefit the physical body 

Reiki goes beyond balancing the chakras 

Qigong moves beyond the breath 

These modalities create energetic movement to bring about healing, balance and stress relief on all levels 

Are you interested in learning the nuances of the energy body that will take you to the next level? 

If so, these classes are for you! 

Not only are classes focused and sequenced according to the energy body , but they are designed to teach simple, practical tools and techniques for reducing stress and overwhelm 

Classes are semi-private (max 6 students) and recordings are available if you have to miss class 

Reiki & energy work is given intuitively throughout the classes 

"It was so powerful! I was amazed how well it (Holy Fire Healing Experience) went even doing it on Zoom vs. in person. It was such a good way to start the year off!"

-Brian L. 

Shift Your Vibration, Shift Your Life Class Series
Every Tuesday Night at 6:00pm

*Limited Spots Available*

Are you ready to start feeling more relaxed, centered & focused?

Questions? Let's set up a quick call to see if these classes would be a good fit for you!

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