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Featured Wellness Courses & Memberships

Curated wellness paths to help you reach your goals on your own schedule 


When you adopt an integrated skill set to overcome stress and overwhelm, your life changes 

  • You become more present, able to enjoy moments with friends & family 

  • You don’t sweat the small stuff and use that energy to be more productive and present in other aspects of your life 

  • Confidently make decisions about your health & wellness allowing on going personal growth

  • You don’t spend hours overthinking, you know what you need or how to tune in and rediscover it 

  • You develop routines that you look forward to

Ready to Learn more?

Discover holistic tools & techniques for less stress and overwhelm with my free Masterclass: Intuitive Healing: Secrets for Less Stress & More Balance 

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This membership offers more than just your standard bank of recorded yoga classes. Each class or workshop has a theme to support your body, mind & soul on all levels.

Additionally, there is a mix of Ayurveda, intuition, & energy workshops, sprinkled in with short practices and meditations, designed so you can choose what resonates with you most each day or follow one of the curate paths to achieve your personal wellness goals.

As we move through life, change is constantly upon us. Due to this flux, we crave new practices and experiences to help navigate each new season of life.

This membership opens the doors for exploration of new tools to better navigate stress and overwhelm as well as cultivate more clarity and balance this membership is for you!

Foot Reflexology: Back to The Basics Course 
Gentle Techniques for yourself, friends & family

Reflexology is a gentle modality that has many benefits.

In the past it's been necessary to train as a certified Reflexologist in order to learn the basics. This course allows you a way to use these techniques for yourself or share reflexology with your partner, family and friends to help them restore harmony and balance to the body.


This “Reimagined” Reiki Training brings in the best of both worlds; having plenty of time to digest the material as well as having the opportunity to receive your placement live (livestream available) and practice techniques in a 1-1 or in a small group setting.

The first part of the course is the self paced online portion that will contain the basic concepts covered in each level as well as supplementary material such as Ayurvedic, chakra wisdom and other energetic concepts to enhance your experience and practice.

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