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What is Dinacharya and Why is it Important?

Dinacharya means morning routine and is key element of an Ayurvedic lifestyle. A morning routine allows us time to reconnect and cultivate more balance. This reconnection can take as little as 30 seconds and as long as what feels good for you. Everyone has a different morning routine as well as different responsibilities. This means that as we look at each of the activities and exercises that are part of an Ayurvedic morning routine, we really need to take a moment to reflect on which ones would help us to start our morning with more presence and not something that will add to our stress. This means that there may not be one perfect morning routine for you; it may change with the season or depending on current life circumstances. As we can say about almost anything in Ayurveda, embrace the fact that it depends!

Remember, starting the morning with any kind of consistency and routine is better than none at all. Routine is key in cultivating more balance and lessening our stress levels. If you are new to doing a mindful morning routine or you are just coming back into the practice, start by choosing one of the options from the list below and do it for a month before adding in other practices. This isn’t a race and less is more when we are already dealing with stress and overwhelm.

Before you get out of bed

  • Gratitude practice - name three things you are grateful for

  • Grounding exercise - stretching your legs and feet, pointing flexing your ankles

  • Breathwork (it doesn’t have to be fancy, even taking a few deep breaths is a great option)

Morning Practices

  • Cup of warm water (adding lemon or lime if you wish)

  • Oil pulling, Tongue scraping, sesame oil gum massage, washing your face

  • Gentle Movement: Qigong, yoga or a yoga pose, MELT, walking, jogging

  • Meditation, Journaling, Breathwork, Insight card reflection

  • Dry Brushing or Abhyanga ( best to do before you shower)- if you would like more information these practices check on my free guide in the shop:

These are just some of many choices of Ayurvedic practices that can be incorporated into a mindful morning routine. It is always best to take time to reflect and check in with what practices help to fill your cup and prepare for the day ahead. It is also helpful to reflect from season to season which practices seem the best fit for your body. I notice that my morning routine varies by season and also by what’s going on in life from month to month. Remember one supportive practice is better than pushing yourself to complete many practices. Make sure to use your intuition and be flexible with what your body and mind need most.

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