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Well, It's Worth a Try I Guess...

Trust me 4 years later, I'm very grateful I gave holistic therapies a try. The first time I went to a Holistic Massage Session was in the summer of 2015. I had just come back to the US after living in Spain for nearly 3 years (the reverse culture shock is real). I had been training for the Madrid Marathon when I tripped on a curb and twisted my knee. It wasn’t healing how the doctors expected and neither the doctors in Spain or the US had given me any good options.

When I returned home, I had been unable to run for 4 months and the doctor informed me that I probably wouldn’t run again. Great news. My parents convinced me to try out their Massage Therapist who specializes in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, among many other things. By that point I was so desperate I think I would have tried just about anything to get rid of the pain and be able to run again because like many people who have a nagging pain, it began to affect my mood and overall outlook on my transition back home.

When I met my parent’s massage therapist, Deb, we automatically clicked and she is to this day one of my favorite mentors. Within a week of intensive sessions, I was running again. To my surprise, I wasn’t only just running again, my mood improved and my adjustment back to life at home was easier. I remember being so happy to feel like myself again. Deb really motivated me to start to do things I always knew that I should be doing, like stretching ( i honestly used to run everyday and stretch like once a week, maybe). I knew that when I met Deb that I was going to continue seeing her; not just because of the physical pain that she helped alleviate, but how she truly helped me on so many other levels, as all holistic therapies do and make them super unique and cool (in my opinion anyways).

This is one of the stories I tell when people ask if they should try or continue going to a holistic therapy or how to pick a practitioner. Simply, If after a session you feel motivated and empowered to be the best you, you are in the right place. 

Thank you for reading! I can't wait to continue sharing more or my journey with you : )

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