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The Impact of Reiki

Last year around this time I was on week 4 of my almost 7 weeks of bedrest. I was losing my motivation to do my lymphatic exercises and felt just kind of hopeless, like I guess this ovarian cyst is never going to go away. I was in a terrible mood all the time and I couldn’t just sit around any longer .I was pretty bored of just about everything, so when the opportunity came up to go on a ride to Barnes & Noble I took it because just walking around a store was super exciting. 

I was walking around the store when this yellow For Dummies Guide caught my eye. Not my usual choice for reading, but I went over and grabbed it. It was about Reiki. I still have no idea why I picked it up and started reading it that day (other than the fact it was meant to be that way of course). I soon became obsessed with learning all that I could. I began practicing on myself and my family members. This is how I learned the importance of good intention,even without a formal attunement it can be helpful both for yourself and your family and friends. 

I knew I wanted to learn more and get formally attuned, it just so  happened that the day after I was cleared to get off bedrest, there was a workshop in Newport. Honestly, I still wasn’t completely convinced that Reik really worked, but after that workshop my doubts were washed away. I was so excited to use this new tool as part of my healing and help me to get back to work after being out for almost 2 months. Let me tell you, it definitely helped me deal with the stress of going back to work and recover from my surgery a few months later in record time.

One of my favorite hobbies is giving animals Reiki. I have had many special moments using Reiki in this way. My rabbit, Mojito, isn’t the friendliest rabbit (she has been compared multiple times to the rabbit in monty python)  she actually started purring and didn’t attack when i put my hands on her and didn’t run away and growl per usual! This is huge and I have scars to prove it! She now requests Reiki each night after she eats her food and I have noticed that her sassiness is minimized.. still present but less intense for sure. 

Another special moment that comes to mind, is when my Aunt's 13 year old dog was very ill with kennel cough and a raging infection. We had been trying to get him to drink water all morning. He was completely uninterested. When I finished giving him Reiki, I noticed that he would actually turn and drink from his bowl without being forced. Also while working on him, the other two very active dogs came and sat on either side of me, it was one of the many times I wish my grandma knew how to take a picture with an Iphone! These are just a few of my favorite stories as  I rarely miss an opportunity to give an animal Reiki! It’s so subtle that you can do it anytime, anywhere and no one even has to know your doing it lol. Honestly, ever since I started practicing Reiki, it has consistently continued to surprise me with all it has to offer. It's definitely worth a try and a great self care practice to incorporate into your routine!

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