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How to Prepare for your first Session!

No pedicure needed!

I constantly hear “I need a pedicure” "Please excuse the hair on my legs.” I always answer the same way. I honestly don’t or haven’t noticed! I work with feet all day. I am definitely not judging, I don’t remember the last time I’ve gone for a pedicure (I don’t particularly enjoy them, so why go through the extra effort!?). 

Here is my advice on what you should do and don't have do before your session!

1.Drink plenty of water. My advice is to up your water intake a few days before your session. This can help your body to flush out toxins that may be released during your session. This can also make your session more effective and you may experience less negative side effects that can occur due to dehydration!

2. Put some thought into WHEN you schedule your first appointment. It is important to take some time to relax after your first appointment to see how your body reacts. This will give you important information for scheduling your next appointment. For example, I have client’s that like to come after work and others that love weekend appointments because they have the rest of the day off. I even have some clients that have sleep concerns and always book their appointments as late as possible. For me personally it’s the opposite, I have to make my Reiki appointments in the morning, or I will be unable to sleep at all. It might take a little bit to figure it out, but you will find a time and day that is optimal for you!

3.You don’t need a pedicure! Unless you really enjoy getting pedicures, it is completely unnecessary. Your reflexologist will not even notice or care if your toe nails are chipped, painted or bare. Honestly, if your toe nails aren’t painted and your reflexologist has received training in foot reading, that can give them some clues about what is going on in the body (Pretty awesome, right?!). 

4. It’s totally ok to NOT shave your legs. Reflexologists work on the feet and the ankle and Reiki can be hands on or hands off, therefore no need to shave your legs. Yes, at times we need to roll the bottom of your pants a little , as to not get cream on them, but we don’t care or expect them to be shaved. As a person who only shaves when it’s absolutely necessary, don’t go through the extra trouble just because you have a Reflexology session. 

The most important thing is to come to the session, how you come doesn’t matter. You are showing up for yourself and prioritizing your own health & wellbeing and that is all that matters. 

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