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Common Wellness Pitfalls

Navigating feeling stuck, unmotivated & out of time

When it comes to wellness, it doesn’t have to always feel like a challenge to keep up with all the latest trends and recommendations. Honestly, as good as they may sound they may not be the best choice for you as cutting edge or more isn’t always better. 

When it comes to navigating wellness we have to take into consideration our life circumstances. Our lives are always in a flux of change, therefore we need to approach our routines and practices with flexibility and grace. This is why as part of any self practice, the connection to self as well as your higher self is paramount. 

Below are some of the common pitfalls I’ve seen over the years in my one to one sessions and classes. If you have felt any of these, they are beyond common and a lot of times we feel this way because we are ready to be pushed into something new. In many cases, our pitfalls on our wellness journey are what will allow us to continue growing and evolving. 

Feeling Stuck 

There are so many practices out there, making it easy to feel overwhelmed by having to choose what's best. This overwhelm can keep us in a rut, and sometimes in routines that are no longer serving us. 

On the other side of this, is how we live in information overload. Everyday we are being exposed to new practices and techniques and sometimes we just want to try everything, but as we all know that’s not possible and can even lead to more stress and indecision that keeps us stuck. 

When we feel stuck, we need to make a change. If we don’t change, the energetic vibration stays the same leading to more of the same. Even a deep breath can be a reset. I recommend simplifying and really tuning into the practices that work for you. This means that instead of trying to jump into something new right away, reflect on the practices that are bringing you joy in this moment and incorporate more of those types of practices into your routine.

It’s important to reflect often, even seasonally to see what your body, mind and soul need during this next phase. 

Feeling Unmotivated 

With everything that we have to do everyday, it’s easy to forget about taking care of ourselves. It’s usually the first thing that hits the back burner in times of stress and overwhelm. 

If we really look at the reasons for being unmotivated, we need to take into consideration what our inner voice wants and needs. 

This is where being able to tune into our intuition becomes essential. We often feel unmotivated when our practices and rituals are out of alignment with where we are or where we want to go. 

If you are feeling unmotivated I recommend that you take some time to turn into what your body is craving by asking these simple questions, write down your first instinct of what feels best: 

Does my body crave more rest or activity? 

When do I feel most at ease? 

How can I cultivate more relaxation? 

What are the practices that are calling to me the most?

The answers might surprise you! 

Feeling Out of Time

Truthfully life always seems to get busier, and the last thing that we feel like doing during busy times is add more to our plate, even if it’s something that has the potential to make us feel better. 

It’s important to remember that even though most organized group classes that you find run anywhere from 45 min to 90 min, that’s not your only option. If you are feeling low on time, it might be more doable and rejuvenating  to set a 5 min timer and lay in fish pose (or your favorite restorative pose), allowing your body to decompress and cultivate more space and relaxation. 

The more space we can cultivate the more capacity we can create to work up to multiple short practices a day or even longer practices.  

One of the other areas to be aware of, are what activities we are using to tune out- mindless scrolling, watching netflix or TV. 

These activities are all just fine in moderation, it’s just once you start implementing other practices to help pacify your nervous system, you may need them less, which in the end frees up more time for you. It can even help you to be more productive when you need to be!

The biggest takeaway is to allow ourselves to be in place of reflection vs. a place of judgment. There are not any practices that are better than others; just ones that resonate with us more on an individual level. I hope you take a moment to reflect on what you want more of in your life- clarity, balance, relaxation, or peace and start taking the steps to bring that to life. I’m rooting for you! 

Are you looking for a curated wellness path ot overcome these common pitfalls so that you can:

  • become more present, able to enjoy moments with friends & family as well as have the capacity to support them in their times of need

  • You don’t sweat the small stuff and can use that energy to be more productive and present in other aspects of your life 

  • Confidently make decisions about your health & wellness allowing on going personal growth 

  • You don’t spend hours overthinking, you know what you need or how to tune in and rediscover it 

  • You develop routines that you look forward to

  • Have the capacity to pour into yourself, even on your busiest days

Ready to Start your Journey? Click here to learn more and enroll now

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