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4 Simple Ways to Care for your Energetic Body

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

4 Simple Ways to Care for Your Energetic Body

There are many different perspectives on energy balance and clearing, but the most important concept to keep in mind when working with energy is that it always works with intention. Intention is one of the most simple and profound ways you can care for your overall well-being. For example my intention that I learned from one of my favorite mentors is that “I only work in light” This simple intention is something that I carry with me everyday and infuse in every interaction that I have in my professional and personal life.

I believe that we have control around what energy we put out and surround ourselves with. This means that we can always decide when we would like to clear our energy. Sometimes I even clear my energy when I’ve spent all day by myself; there isn’t anyone’s energy that is above an energetic reset. It doesn’t just have to be energy for the environment or even other people, sometimes our own energy can get stagnant and just needs a little upgrade. Below are some of my favorite ways to uplevel my energetic body and clear stagnant energy from my field

Nature & Water

The best place to start is always the most basic. Nature is extremely cleansing to our energetic field. Even just the fresh air can make a major shift in how you feel on all levels. One of the easiest ways to shift your energy is to go outside, even if it’s only a few minutes. One exercise you can try is going outside and taking a few deep breaths and you will truly feel the shift.

Another way to reset is to use the water element. As with many of the following techniques, you can use water to cleanse your environment as well. You can do this by having a running water element in your office or house that helps to keep energy clear and moving. The water element on or around the body works very much the same way. I think that’s why we hear so often how spending time near the water has such an uplifting effect on our mood and well-being.

A more intention based technique to work with the water element, that I learned from one of my teachers Michelle Shroud, is to take a shower and as the water runs off of you and down the drain think of letting it all go and resetting. You can use this practice with specific things you would like to let go or just as a way of resetting the field.


Energy has a strong vibrational aspect, which means that sound can have a profound effect on our energy field and our environment. You don’t need an instrument to be able to use sound effectively - you can even hum. This is something that I regularly recommend to clients as a way of opening the throat chakra, which is along one of the main channels of energy in the body called the sushumna nadi. Tapping works in a very similar way by changing the vibration of the area we are tapping and creating movement. There are many different theories behind where to tap, but I find intuitively finding a place that feels best, works very well when it comes to supporting your energy body.

Shake it off

Shaking is a great way to reset your nervous system as well as support your energetic body. You can also try brushing off your body. This is something that I will do as a way to reset my field, especially when I change tasks. An example of when I use this technique is when I go from working on my laptop to practicing Reiki. I always like techniques that help me to get back into my body and feel more grounded and present, so this is one of my favorites for sure!


We tend to feel our best when our energy is in motion. Sometimes if we allow ourselves to tune into our body through a gentle yoga, qigong, or grounding practice we can help energy to start to move and transform allowing us to have new perspectives and feel better in our body. For those who have been working with energy for a while, we can also become more aware of where we need the support the most. This can be a great practice to help narrow down which practices will be most supportive of your energetic body at this time.

Our bodies' needs are always changing, so it's essential to build a toolbox of techniques, so that you can use the ones best suited for your current state. If you are interested in learning more about the energy body and how to use energy to heal check out my Hybrid Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I Certification Course (level II coming soon!)

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