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Heart Chakra: Joy, Sadness & Change

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Working with the heart chakra energetically is the key to easing ourselves through change and transition

The heart chakra is commonly associated with love and relationships, but it's important to recognize that the function of the heart chakra goes so much deeper and is an essential part of balancing energetically during times of change and transition

With change, there is joy and excitement; many times a lot to look forward to, but there is also at times a sense of sadness and loss for what is being left behind. Even with the most positive changes, there is commonly a sense of loss or sadness for at least an aspect of what was. It’s important to address both sides of the heart chakra: joy and sadness. Much like how each experience is a mixture, when we work with the heart chakra we are working to bring these two energetic opposites into balance.

The heart chakra is also known as the bridge chakra; bringing together the upper three and lower three chakras. This means that during any time of transition the heart space is a central place where we feel it. Therefore, energy movement in this area is to be prioritized, which means that as well as receiving support on all different levels, our energetic body offers us ways to tap into our joy and release sadness.

Here are some of my favorite ways to work energetically with the heart chakra during times of change and transition:

The Breath

We have all heard the very common saying of making sure to take a deep breath when overwhelmed. And this is surprisingly very much true! One deep breath can make a world of a difference in our ability to navigate challenging situations or transitions. One interesting aspect is that air is the element that is associated with the heart chakra making this key to unlocking energetic movement in this area. The breath is of utmost importance when releasing any sadness or loss as well as opening ourselves up to the joy that we can cultivate in our lives. Any breathwork will help you connect to this area, but you can start with a simple technique called square breathing: inhale 4, hold 4, exhale 4, hold 4 and repeat.

Gentle Tapping

Another way to stimulate this area is through gentle tapping. Energy is vibrational, which means that a gentle tap on the heart space (you can intuitively feel where feels best for you in the moment) can help energy to move, transform and disperse.

Filling your Cup with Joy

Reflect on activities (no matter how simple) that fill your cup with joy. These activities can be things that you are already doing; sometimes just giving more presence to an action really reminds us how much we love it. For me, it really fills my cup when I walk my dog, Rosie, by the water. I think I feel replenished by walking but also the cleansing aspect of the water element helps me clear out old energy. I also make a point of being present by not being on my phone or listening to music. It’s very important to always check back in with yourself to see if, an activity is in alignment with you and these reflections will help you chose practices that bring in more peace and joy.


I had some practice with this one this week- listening, feeling and watching the waves can be very cleansing for the heart space. Tuning into your breath can also help you to stay focused and present while releasing and rejuvenating your energy. If you like to write, you can even bring a journal with you to reflect after this practice. You might be surprised with what comes up and how much of an energetic shift that you feel. An additional benefit is that you might feel more calm and relaxed as the body uses rhythm to regulate itself.


There are also a few heart opening poses that are a must when it comes to energy movement in this area. My all time favorite is fish pose (pictured below). It gives the body a gentle opening on all levels and is supportive to the body on a physical level by relaxing and slackening the back muscles and releasing tension in the tight chest muscles. Even holding these poses for short periods of time can be very helpful when it comes to energy movement in the heart space.

Some other poses that I recommend are:



Supported Bridge

If you are looking for a group practice focused on balancing this area, make sure to check out my Heart Chakra Restorative and Reiki class this Sunday, September 10th at 4:00pm available in person or livestream. Link to sign up:

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