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Being a Beginner Can Lead to Total Bliss

Me on Day 1

We all know that trying something new is hard; trying to create a new healthy habit is hard, starting a new routine is hard etc. Even though it’s difficult, it can still be enjoyable (Don’t worry I will try to convince you.) About 60 days ago when my life was in full transition and a large unknown lurking in front of me, I decided to add something new to my daily routine. 

I decided to start doing daily yoga. If anyone knows me very well, they know my flexibility is terrible and I don’t think I’ve ever been able to touch my toes. One time a physical therapist asked me, while I was lying on my back,  to lift up my leg as far as I could and she had to call all her colleagues over because “it was the worst thing she had ever seen.” Taking that into consideration, in the past I have dabbled but always came back to the same conclusion that Yoga was definitely not for me. 

60 days ago as part of my quest to be the best Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner I could be, I decided I was going  to do Yoga with Adriene every day for the next 60 days. Honestly, I figured I would last a week after the first 3 days kicked my butt. There were times  when doing these very beginner videos I was yelling at the screen “MY SKELETON CAN’T MOVE LIKE THAT!” (In a very zen way of course).


Even though I was frustrated (extremely frustrated at times) there was something that kept me coming back. I felt good afterwards. I could focus better, I was learning quicker, I was more centered during my sessions. Even though my execution of the poses was so far from what is considered the ‘norm”, I was 100% getting a lot out of it mentally, emotionally, energetically, spiritually and physically and I can totally reach my shins now, which is HUGE (ask my sister she’s been laughing at my flexibility for years and she was totally impressed)  Through these 60 days, have I missed days? Of course I did, but I didn’t stop and saw small, steady improvements. 

Can I touch my toes now? No. 

Can I get my heels down in downward dog? No. 

Will I be posting artsy photos on Instagram of me doing fancy poses? Absolutely Not. 

And maybe I never will be able to do any of those things and I'm totally ok with that. What I have been given from this experience can’t be measured in physical gains. It has made me feel more ready to be vulnerable and give something a try, it worked out this time why not next time? It was after a yoga session that I decided that I was for sure going to do a video series (Something I’ve been contemplating and been super petrified about for months). So if you are considering trying out something new, I say go for it! It's ok to take that step outside your comfort zone because the gains will be better than what you ever could have imagined! You may even establish a new favorite part of your self care routine!

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