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Beyond Open & Closed: Why Tune into the Wisdom of the Chakras?

Updated: Jan 11

Chakras are at times a little mysterious and complex. There are many different terms that are used to describe chakras such as open, closed, heavy, light, fast, slow, which can make understanding the chakras seem very confusing!

Luckily, what I have found through my work with these wisdom wheels is that by intuitively tuning in you can receive so much more insight for your journey than whether they are open or closed.

First, as most new techniques do, it requires a bit of practice. Our energetic bodies are almost always calling for our attention, but many times due to our busy lives they become ignored. 

The first goal of understanding the chakra system is what type of information is held in each:

Crown: Understanding & Connection

Third Eye: Intuition, Clear Sight, Imagination 

Throat: Creativity & Expression

Heart: Joy, Passion & Love

Solar Plexus: Confidence & Power

Sacral: Creativity & Emotional Flow

Root: Safety, Security & Stability

Even though this seems like basic information, this is all that you need to start tuning into your energetic body. If it seems that you have so many unanswered questions or ailments, sometimes the answer lies in the energetic body. There have been countless times that I have experienced energetic blocks that were manifesting other levels; at times physically, mentally and emotionally. This to me has made it even more essential to share tools on how to tune into the energetic body.

Now that we have a general understanding of the chakra system, let’s tune in!

Below are simple practices to start building a connection with your energetic body and chakra system:

Root: Grounding (Walking, Jumping, Reflexology, Stomping)

Sacral: Flow (Water, Hip Openers, Journaling)

Solar Plexus: Kindling the inner Fire: (Breathwork, Core/Ab work)

Heart: Joy (Passion project, Tapping on the heart space, Breathwork)

Throat: Expression (neck stretches, Singing, any form of expression that you enjoy)

Third Eye: Insight (Child’s pose, meditation, intuition practice (insight cards)

Crown: Connection (Meditation, Prayers & Intention)

As you can tell from the exercises and practices above, these are more than just ways to open and close the chakras; They are ways to initiate movement in our energetic body.

We feel our best when our energy is in motion.

Therefore, it is important to always reflect back on which of these practices served you and in what ways. Just as we are always changing, our energetic body is always changing, that’s why it’s essential to keep checking back in and trying new or even old practices that you haven’t done in a while. 

When it comes to the energetic body we are always in exploration mode- enjoy the journey! 

If you are looking for an embodied chakra practice to get in tune with your energetic body and gain more intuitive insight around your intentions and goals, make sure to check out Intuition Yin Yoga this Tuesday 1/16 at 6:00pm. To sign up for this class and explore my upcoming class schedule click here

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