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5 Simple Ways to Optimize your Session!

Reflexology & Reiki have some many wonderful benefits, but did you know that there are things you can do to maximize the effect of each session? Here are my suggestions:

1. Drink lots of water! - flush all those toxins out! “Gone is good” as my mentor always says! Much like after a massage, Reflexology can lead to a release of toxins in the body. It all needs to go and the best way i to make that happen is to drink lots of water. If drinking plain water is difficult, I recommend adding a slice of lemon, lime or your favorite fruit! I know this has definitely helped me to up my water intake. If you come for a session make sure to bring a water bottle and I’m more than happy to give you a lemon slice. I always have them on hand!

2. Take Time to Relax and Slow Down- rest, rest, rest - let that body heal! The body needs to slow down in order to repair and heal. I know we all live very busy lives, but a 10 minute nap or a 3 min meditation is much better than none at all! Most of all, take some time for you and do something that you enjoy doing! No one knows what you need better than you! 

3.Spend Time Outdoors-  If you have some extra time (maybe it’s about time to take some time for yourself?) Go to your favorite place whether that’s a beach, walking trail, forest, your backyard whatever works for you. Being in nature can be a very grounding experience after a session and is a good time to take in all the earth & nature have to offer us!

4. Yoga/Qigong/Meditation - For those feeling energetic after a session, this may be a good time for some gentle exercise, depending on how you want to work out your physical body. You could do a simple 5- 10 min Yoga or Qigong video or more if you are feeling motivated! I love and totally recommend Lee Holden’s Videos for Qi Gong exercises and Yoga with Adriene, both completely free on Youtube! There are so many options! It's important to find your go to for working your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body! 

5. Eat a Healthy Meal - Depending on when you ate before your session you can leave feeling pretty hungry (sometimes your blood sugar can drop from the treatment). I know everyone has different eating habits, so there isn’t just one option. I would say eat a meal that makes your body feel satisfied, but energized!

Even if you are only able to do one of these things it will help a lot! I suggest drinking the water, there is nothing worse than getting nauseous or lightheaded after a session.. Trust me, I've been there done that!! Remember to always take cues from your body; No one knows you better than you!

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