Virtual Reflexology Coaching Sessions

 Private & Group Virtual Sessions Include: 


- Walking you through a customized Reflexology sequence (on hands or feet) specific to your unique needs 


- A recording of the session or a guide with a picture of the main points worked during the session to use on your own (see sample guide)

- *I also offer corporate virtual reflexology sessions* Click Here to learn more

Benefits of a Virtual Session:

- Reflexology helps reduce stress, anxiety, pain as well as improves sleep. It also helps to support your immune system and overall well-being. 


-Alternative that can help you manage your symptoms & conditions until you can see your practitioners in person again

-Great way to take some time for yourself or kids can join too!

 Here is a short sample version of what you can expect in a virtual session:


Private Virtual Reflexology: 45 min - $55

Group Virtual Reflexology: Contact me below for pricing. Please include number of people interested in your message

Payment Options: 



-Mailed Check

Please email me at if you have any questions or you can text or call 401-301-2218

self reflexology & acupressure for stres

Sample Session Guide

"I did the sequence that you taught me and I slept like a baby after that" - Roxanne L.