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Prioritize You! 
January 2024 Program 

Welcome to my New January Program: A Journey Prioritizing Reconnection, Balance, Clarity & Relaxation

As we embark on our 2024 journey, it opens the door to fresh beginnings and the chance to rediscover practices that may have slipped away amidst life's hustle. Our January program is designed with this spirit in mind, offering a curated series of diverse practices to enrich your self-care toolbox and guide you back to your center.


Below are the sessions scheduled each Tuesday at 6:00 pm, starting January 9th, 2024:

Week 1: Holy Fire Healing Experience (1/9/24) :  only 1 spot left! Let this meditative healing event be your pause, a time for self-reflection, and integration. Join us either in person or via Zoom to clear energy blocks, cultivate joy, peace, and gratitude, and take time for deep relaxation and rest.

Week 2: Intuition Yin Yoga (1/16/24):  Journey through the chakras to reconnect to your intuition. Practice using intuition cards for further insights. This session combines intuitive practices, chakra work, and card reading for a unique and enriching experience.

Week 3: MELT for Overall Wellness (1/23/24):  Learn the neurofascial method of MELT to reconnect, rebalance, rehydrate, and release connective tissues. This session is beneficial for chronic pain relief and stopping pre-pain signals in their tracks. Discover the transformative power of MELT for overall wellness.

Week 4: Intro to Ayurveda for Less Stress & Overwhelm (1/30/24):  Explore Ayurveda and its principles for stress reduction. Learn about routines, intuitive practices, qualities and discover late winter foods that contribute to a more balanced and harmonious life.

*All Classes are available in person and via livestream. All classes are recorded and available for 1 week.  Only 3 spots left!

Special promo all 4 classes for $90 or $25/Class (you may also use active class packages as well!) 

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