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Daily & Seasonal Routines 

Sunrise on Nature

Daily Routines
How do you start your day?

Are  you pressing snooze on repeat and rushing around getting ready for a busy day at work? 

I remember that  experience all too well. I would be rushing around, stressed, flustered and overwhelmed before the workday had even truly started!

You might be thinking how will I be able to incorporate changes into my morning routine when I already don't have enough time to do what I need to do to get done?!

Ayurveda calls the daily morning routine a "dinacharya" and is an important routine that starts your day off right. It can be very simple and help you to start work in the morning feeling energized and refreshed. 

Through Ayurvedic Wellness coaching I support you in making changes that fit with your time commitment and  specific goals.  Your routine can be very simple, but you will notice dramatic changes throughout your day and in your overall health!

Simple Dinacharya.png

This is an example of some elements of a daily routine. You may notice that they aren't all that time consuming and can easily be adapted into your morning. If you are looking for a challenge this week, pick one of the above tasks and incorporate it into your morning.


In addition, for those struggling with sleep there are also  Ayurvedic night time routines that help with insomnia and disrupted sleep cycles


Seasonal Routines

One of the principles of Ayurveda is being in balance with nature. As you probably have noticed, changes in the seasons can be difficult mentally, physically and emotionally. 

This can be due to the different energetics associated with each of the seasons. This is why it is important to change up our routines to maintain balance in accordance with what is going on in nature. 

For more information about seasonal tweaks to feel your best click below to read: 

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