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Ayurvedic Winter 
Mini Retreat

What will we learn & experience?

An introduction to Ayurvedic principles to help understand and navigate the winter season. Winter is a time of rest and rejuvenation, a moment when there is more stillness and an opportunity for reflection. We will be taking a deep dive into the energetics of winter and exploring the Vata/Kapha doshic transition and how we can embrace it to thrive during this season.  We will also focus on determining our own Ayurvedic body & mind constitution. The afternoon will include meditations, yoga practice and intuitive exercises to reconnect and reflect on how to use Ayurvedic principles to improve digestion, winter blues as well as set goals for the season ahead. 

Benefits of an Ayurvedic Winter Mini Retreat 

  • Learn about the vata/kapha energetic transition and how to thrive during this time

  •  Become more in tune with your inner guide and teacher through intuitive practices that you can incorporate into your daily routines 

  • Bring awareness to your own energetic (doshic) constitution to help you make the lifestyle and dietary choices that work best for you

  • Learn & practice proven strategies and tools to maintain balance through transitions & obstacles

  • Intro to Ayurvedic principles

  • Ayurvedic Doshas Deep Dive & Meditation practice 

  • Determining Ayurvedic Body & Mind Constitution

  • Winter Herbs & Digestive spices 

  • Navigating Winter Seasonal Energetics 

  • Gentle Yoga Practice

  • Journaling & Reflection on Seasonal goals

  • Holistic Health

* Color Manual included that outlines basic principles & practices for continued study and practice after the retreat

Topics Covered

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