Ayurvedic Fall Reset
Mini Retreat

Date: Sunday, October 2, 2022

Time: (12:00pm-4:00pm)

Format: Hybrid: In person & virtual 

In person full - only zoom spots left!

Investment: $65

What will we learn & experience?

An introduction to Ayurvedic principles to help understand and navigate the fall seasonal change. Ayurvedic wisdom will be skillfully weaved together with a yin to restorative yoga class  and intuitive practices to help set the stage for what you are meant to embody this season. 

Benefits of an Ayurvedic Fall Reset: 

  • Learn about the different seasonal energies & qualities to help uncover what serves you best 

  • Become clear on your goals & intentions for the fall season and become more in tune with your inner guide and teacher 

  • Learn & practice proven strategies and tools to navigate seasonal shifts - i.e.: mood changes, anxiety, poor digestion, not feeling like yourself 

  • Intro to Ayurvedic principles & practices: Doshas & Fall Seasonal Ayurveda 

  • Ayurvedic Qualities & Meditative exploration

  • Fall Foods & intuition work 

  • Navigating Seasonal Energetics 

  • Yin To Restorative Practice

  • Journaling & Reflection on Seasonal goals  

Topics Covered