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Reflexology for
Babies & Children


Benefits of Reflexology 

  • Calming, Soothing & Reassuring 

  • Helps to boost Immune System 

  • Relief from digestive ailments such as reflux and constipation 

  • Helps regulate sleep patterns  

  • Calming for Children with ADHD & ADD

  • Helps to reduce pain and acts as a sedative 

  • Helps combat ailments such as headaches, stomach aches,  ear ache, constipation,  asthma and more*

The length of the sessions depends on the age of the child :

Babies & Children under 12 - 25-30 min 

Teens (13 & up) - 45 min

Parents should plan to be present in the room for the duration of the session

Sessions include self care tips and reflexology tips for parents that they can use at home with their children 

* Reflexology is not an alternative for medical care and treatment and should be a complement to medical treatment being provided by a qualified medical professional.*

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