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7 Simple Ways to Stay Grounded During the Holidays

The holidays can be a very busy time of year. There are many things to do and it be a lot of fun! However, this is also a time of year when it is easy to become overwhelmed. One of the ways that we end up overwhelmed is by “living” outside of the present moment by thinking about the future, especially when we let worrying and anxiety take over. Here are some tips on how you can be more present and enjoy this fun and hectic time of the year!

Be Where Your Feet Are

This is one of the best reminders to bring yourself back to the present, if you notice that you have drifted off thinking or worrying about other things. Make sure your feet are flat on the floor when you use this reminder to reconnect into the present moment. This is another way to help you ground down and bring that overwhelming energy downwards.

3 Deep Breaths

This is a great exercise to do before you eat (signaling to your body to relax and enjoy) as well as when you feel like you are beginning to feel overwhelmed in your current situation or when you find yourself worrying about what you need to do or how an event will be.

Restorative Reset

Find a time in the day to take a restorative break. In our culture we are taught to fight the urge to slow down with caffeine and energy drinks, but how would it really feel to give into the urge to take a break? One of my favorite ways to reset when I find myself overwhelmed and totally in my head is to do one of these restorative poses for 5 -10 min

Supported Child’s Pose

Legs up the wall or Legs up the chair/couch

Rolling a Ball Under Your Feet

Stimulation to the feet is a great way to bring all that energy that can sometimes get stuck in our upper body down and out. One way is to roll a ball under your foot. This is a great exercise you can do when you are sitting at your desk, at night watching tv or anytime during the day. I always have my yoga balls in my purse!

Stomping your feet

You don’t only have to do this when you are angry! It is actually a great way to start your day! This exercise is similar to the one above and brings the energy back down into the feet to start your day grounded and free of worry.


As we all know when things get busy, sometimes we might get a little less sleep. Stillness and rest is a very important and often overlooked aspect of properly grounded ourselves. One of ways you can feel more focused and ready to take on all the challenges that come with this time of year is making sure that you are getting enough sleep. This is especially helpful when you know that you might be staying up later for Holiday parties and other events. Sleep is one of the three important pillars in Ayurveda and it is a time for our body to heal, that means bed by 10:00pm for optimal healing time!


Foot Reflexology is especially grounding since it stimulates the reflexes through the feet, but any type of reflexology or marma point/ acupressure stimulation will help. Check out my website for some self help reflexology and acupressure point videos or book a session for the ultimate relaxing and grounding experience.

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