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Fertility and Maternity
Reflexology & Reiki 


Benefits of Reflexology on Fertility

Reflexology is excellent in preparing the body for conception and pregnancy. Reflexology has been found to be helpful in hormone balance, cycle regulation and has improved many symptoms that are associated with menstrual cycles such as mood changes as well as cramps. In addition, These modalities can be supportive of reproductive conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids and ovarian cysts. 


Achieving Balance Pre-Conception

Reflexology & Reiki are great therapies to start before you are getting ready to conceive. These therapies help the body to achieve balance that can benefit your fertility and pregnancy journey. 

Stress Reduction During your Fertility Journey

Fertility journeys can be stressful, but Reflexology and Reiki can help lower stress levels and bring about harmony and balance in the body, creating an optimal environment for conception. Stress can be a major factor in fertility and by incorporating Ayurvedic lifestyle and dietary changes, we can work to find ways to help you manage stress more effectively.

*for more about Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching click here


Benefits of Reflexology and Reiki
During Pregnancy 

During the 1st Trimester

  • Accept new reality of being pregnant 

  •  Release fear 

  • Improve sleep 

  • Induce relaxation 

  • Help alleviate nausea & morning sickness 

  • Boost energy levels 

During the 2nd Trimester

  • Relieve aches & pains due to body changes 

  • Improve digestion & ease constipation/ sluggish bowels 

  • Processing next level of emotions

During the 3rd Trimester

  • Prevent fatigue 

  • Relieve tension, aches & pains 

  • Improve sleep 

  • Alleviate heartburn 

  • Lymph drainage for Edema 

  • Prepare the body for childbirth

Early Labor and Postpartum
Reflexology & Reiki

“Reflexology is a wonderful way we can mother the mother”
- Michelle Stroud

Benefits of Postpartum Reflexology

  • Relieves tension & body aches 

  • Promotes relaxation which supports  breastmilk production 

  • Helps to balance hormones

  • Improves quality of sleep & boost energy levels

  • Uterus support 

  • Decreases postpartum blood loss 

baby feet.png

Involving your Baby in your Session

Another great benefit of postpartum reflexology is that your baby can be part of your session. I can teach you reflexology techniques to use on your baby that can help with soothing, supporting sleep, digestive issues and inducing relaxation

*Disclaimer: Reflexology, Reiki & Ayurvedic Wellness Coaching are not alternatives for standard medical treatment. They are complementary to your treatment with your medical team. You should consult your medical physician about any symptoms or discomfort that you are feeling. There is not a guarantee that these modalities will lead to pregnancy. 

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