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Ear Reflexology & Ear Seeds 

What is Ear Reflexology? 

Ear Reflexology is a gentle manipulation of reflex points on the ears. It is deeply relaxing and a great way to start or end a session. 

What are the Benefits? 

-Pain Management

-Decreases Musculoskeletal Pain & Tension

-Improves Sleep & Mental Focus
-Stimulate blood and lymph circulation

& Much more 

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How do Ear Seeds feel?


How do Ear Seeds Support the work done during the session?

There  are a few different theories about ear reflex points and meridian points. There is a Chinese model that uses acupunture points and a western model the uses reflex areas. Applying ear seeds, using either model,  to the reflex areas on the ear that were congested on the feet or hands reinforces that work done during the session. It's like having continued stimulation on the points that need the most support in your body. Ear seeds are also helpful to mark the areas you can stimulate for self reflexology.

Ear seeds can be sensitive or you might not feel them at all. Usually the feedback I receive is that one or two of the ear seeds are sensitive and they barely noticed the rest. Ear seeds are generally worn for 4-6 days, but they can be worn longer. 

In some cases, the reflex area that the ear seed is on will be sensitive and they won't feel pain in that part of the body corresponding to the reflex area. Pretty cool, right?

After your session I will send you a picture of your ear (example below) with all the points labeled, so you know which ones were sensitive and you can stimulate certain points if you wish

Ear labeled.png

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